Enhanced Quality Assurance with PDF-to-PDF Compare

Making changes to artwork is common in folding carton packaging design. And, as with any changes, there are opportunities for error. ALL PACKAGING COMPANY uses a technology that provides automatic PDF-to-PDF comparison to greatly reduce the probability of artwork errors.

When you arrive at your final artwork, you output a high quality PDF version of that artwork, which serves as the master original. When you submit the master original PDF file to ALL PACKAGING COMPANY, along with the artwork source files, our pre-press team goes through a series of steps to ensure the artwork is press-ready. At the completion of those steps, a press-ready PDF is output. That is where the magic starts.

ALL PACKAGING COMPANY uses specialized software that performs a detailed comparison between the master original and the press-ready PDF file. The results of the comparison enable our pre-press team to easily see any deviation between the two files, and identify any corrections that need to be made.

Can you identify the differences between the two images below?

pdf master original pdf press ready

pdf-to-pdf comparison

Previously, visual inspection was relied upon to identify any changes from master PDF to printed proof. But as you can see in comparing the first two images, it is often difficult to catch small details that could, in some cases, make a significant difference.

You may have noticed the missing hyphen and comma in the press-ready image above. But did you notice the leaf that changed position from the master original to the press-ready version? In the PDF-to-PDF comparison image here, you can see how any differences between the files get highlighted.

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