All Packaging Company looks forward to helping you achieve the best possible results in producing your packaging! With our multiple presses, we are able to print up to 7 colors in a single pass, and offer a wide variety of UV and aqueous coating types, as well as foil stamping, embossing, windowing, and other added touches.

To ensure the best results, please submit artwork that was built on a die line file provided to you by All Packaging Company, and follow the guidelines as provided below.

Thank you for choosing All Packaging Company!

(All Packaging Company archives production artwork files for five years before discarding.)

Using the Dieline Template

  • SAFE AREA - Keep content 0.0625 inches away from any cuts and folds.
  • If rotating the dieline, please rotate it back to its original orientation before submittal
  • Any undesirable items intruding in the art space may be hidden by turning the eyeball off in the sublayers or delete them. Please NEVER delete the Dieline Layer.
  • Please do not rename or hide the Dieline layer. It will be labeled with the structure name .ARD.
  • Any art on the dieline layer will NOT print. Any items you do not want to print, may be placed on the dieline layer.
  • Make sure there is no art on the dieline layer.
  • Be careful not to use Artios CAD colors (example shown below), these are technical colors used in the dieline. These colors will NOT print. Please do not delete them from the swatch palette.
  • APC dieline palette

Supported Software

  • Adobe Illustrator - Preferred
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Quark Xpress


  • Bleeds are 3/16" extended beyond the cut edge.

Images • Fonts • Type

  • Please outline all type. Please do not upload any artwork without fonts outlined.
  • Please send all placed/live images from the native applications.
  • Grayscale or CMYK images must be 350 dpi at print size.
  • Line art (bitmap) must be 1200 dpi at print size.
  • Minimum type size is 3 pt. Regular font.
  • Minimum reverse type size is 4 pt. Bold font.
  • Minimum line weight must be .25 pt.
  • Minimum reverse line weight is .75 pt.

Barcodes • UPC

  • Standard UPC-A magnification 85%-115%
  • No BWR (bar width reduction) needed

Foil • Emboss • Deboss

  • Minimum 6 pt. Medium type for foil text
  • Minimum 12 pt. Bold for text that will reverse-out of foil
  • Minimum 1.5 pt. line weight for foil
  • Minimum 2.5 pt. line weight for reverse-out of foil
  • Minimum 12 pt. Bold type for emboss/deboss
  • Minimum 2 pt. line weight for emboss/deboss
  • Please keep lines at least 2 pts. apart for foil and/or emboss/deboss

Guidelines for IntriCut® Laser Cutting

As you design for IntriCut laser cutting, please be aware of the following guidelines. All designs are subject to approval by All Packaging Company Creative Servies department.

File • Layers • Colors

  • All Packaging Company will supply an Illustrator-compatible die line of the approved structure without any laser cutouts. Please use this die line when placing laser cuts and art.
  • Please place all laser cut lines on a separate Illustrator layer named "IntriCut".
  • The laser cut lines should be a spot color named "IntriCut". (Swatches > double click color > color type to spot color)

IntriCut Limitations

  • Designs are limited to SBS stock with a caliper less than .020 pt.
  • All laser cut lines need to be vector.
  • All laser cut lines need to be at least .5” from any structural edge.
  • There should be at least .1” in between any close or parallel cuts. This needs to increase to >.25” for parallels longer than 1”.
  • There are some limitations for cuts that are over structural creases.
  • Be aware that every achor point in a laser line represents a spot in the laser cut. Designs with many achor points or hard corners are subject to laser burn.
  • Please close all laser line paths.
  • Outline and simplify anchor points for all type.
  • When the laser cuts out type, without design considerations, the inside of lettering will be lost. “a”,”p” and “d” are just a few examples of letters that will need to be manipulated to not lose the inside of the lettering.

If you have a design that you would like to produce, but does not meet this criteria, please contact your All Packaging Company Project Manager to set up a design meeting. There is some flexibility in the nature of IntriCut design. We look forward to working together. Thank you!

(All Packaging Company archives production artwork files for five years before discarding.)