FIVE SECONDS. That is how long we have to grab the consumer's attention. So your product package has to be perfect. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our quality assurance measures are infused through every step and every stage of our creative, manufacturing, and delivery processes. Watch our Quality Tour video for a taste of the extensive measures we take to ensure the highest quality paperboard packaging every time.

quality in printing

ISO 9001:2015 registered

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, ALL PACKAGING COMPANY has taken the steps to ensure that we have the documentation and controls in place needed to provide the consistent quality folding cartons that our customers, and their customers, demand.

Our quality assurance technicians keep a constant watch over every detail in the process, from the front door to the back. Every machine operator knows, follows and documents detailed quality instructions. Stated in a few words: "WE GET IT".


Our certification as a G7 Master Printer means that we use sophisticated prepress technologies, press controls, proofing and on-press measurements in order to ensure a visual match from proof to print. This is yet another step that we take to ensure our customers' peace-of-mind.

GMI Certification

GMI Lithographic Offset Certification

Both of All Packaging Company's manufacturing facilities are certified to GMI standards.

Graphic Measures International (GMI) is a third-party organization that verifies and validates print suppliers to a specified set of print quality and color management standards. Following rigorous evaluations of various operational elements, GMI issues a certification to suppliers that meet standards that help ensure consistent, repeatable print quality for packaging.