Retailers and product manufacturers alike are increasingly turning to paperboard and folding cartons for their product packaging solutions. The multitude of benefits that paperboard offers across its lifecycle - from manufacturing to retailing to consumption and recycling - is becoming more clear to more people everyday.


Paperboard offers brand owners and manufacturers the ability to create a wide variety of structures, customized to the product, that add appeal to the consumer. High resolution graphics, two-sided print, and many special effects can strengthen brand messaging.

This results in greater appeal to shoppers and enhanced potential for sales. Research shows that cartons have greater appeal to consumers than other product packaging types.


For consumers, folding cartons offer a wide variety of benefits. Perhaps the most important benefit is the clean and attractive billboard. Paperboard packaging is easy to see and understand on the retail shelf. Folding cartons also offer a wide variety of easy-to-open and re-close designs. And, for the growing population of environmentally-conscious consumers, paperboard is a packaging alternative that is easy to recycle. There is less sorting than plastic packaging requires, and most neighborhoods offer paper/paperboard pickup programs.


Retailers and product manufacturers also experience great benefits from paperboard packaging. On the retail shelf, it can be stacked, stored and viewed effectively. Paperboard is more space-efficient to break down and recycle by the retailer. In addition, the large printable area offered by folding cartons is a key opportunity for communication with the customer, encouraging the consumer purchase decision, which so often happens at that impulse stage.


  • RECYCLABLE - Paperboard packaging has better recycling statistics than almost any other packaging material. Check out the enlightening research on the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) website.
  • RENEWABLE - Most resources from our earth that are used to produce products and their packaging cannot be replaced once they are extracted. But wood fiber used to produce paperboard packaging can be, and is being, replaced. Through FSC and SFI chain-of-custody certification programs, we are ensuring that 110% of the trees consumed to make certified packages have been replanted. Take a look at further information the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) has available for renewability.
  • SUSTAINABLE - Sustainability is defined by the United Nations as the ability "to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." Paperboard packaging is certainly a sustainable packaging solution. Find out more about sustainability from the Paperboard Packaging Council.

With these commitments to our environment, ALL PACKAGING COMPANY customers are able to use any of the following logos on their packaging - for free!

(Ask for our FSC and SFI certified products.)