In manufacturing folding cartons at ALL PACKAGING COMPANY, we understand that retail paperboard packaging provides you an opportunity to speak to your customer. We understand that the package is often what sells the product and what makes it stand out from your competitors' products. So it has to be right – structure, graphics, color, fit, and protection.

printed paperboard

It is essential that the integrity of your brand is maintained during the process of creating the perfect paperboard packaging for your product.

We work with you to understand your marketing challenge ... your budget challenge ... your schedule challenge. Then we deliver the optimal mix of services needed to create paperboard folding cartons that are not only eye-catching, but effectively achieve your goals.

We keep our costs competitive through streamlined workflows and processes. And our powerful materials purchasing program, achieved through our membership in the ICG (Independent Carton Group), allows us to offer pricing competitive with anyone.

Customer Care

You can count on a single point of contact for your projects with ALL PACKAGING COMPANY - a Customer Care professional - a seasoned, knowledgeable, responsive expert who will work with you to develop the best solutions and ensure that your cost and schedule are met. Find out more.

Folding Cartons Structural Design

Award-winning structural designers, working with the latest technologies, bring you innovative paperboard folding carton structures - alternatives that can address your unique needs and take your product packaging to the next level. Find out more.


Employing the latest in digital technologies, our prepress and proofing processes ensure seemless integration of your artwork and multiple levels of confirmation that your final paperboard packaging will be exactly as you intended it. Check out an example of our interactive Virtual Proof™ technology. Find out more.

Folding Carton Printing and Converting

We're continually investing in the latest printing technologies that do everything from real-time color monitoring and content flaw detection, to hexachrome output and a wide variety of coating options - all at lightning-fast speeds. Find out more.

Also, take graphics beyond the printing, with IntriCut® laser cutting and creasing! Find out more.

Special Touches

From a completely in-house precision die cutting and IntriCut® laser cutting and creasing operation to foil stamping to embossing to special coatings, ALL PACKAGING COMPANY offers enhancement options that can refine the presentation of your product package and get it noticed. Find out more.

Special Services

ALL PACKAGING COMPANY can offer you additional valuable services, depending on your unique needs. We're focused on providing you with premium paperboard packaging, as well as related supporting services to help you be successful. Find out more.